Region 57 is excited to announce the fall tryout dates for the Extra Program.

Your child must attend one tryout in order to be eligible for the team.  


All tryouts are at:  Lincoln Elementary, 3101 Pacific View Drive, Corona del Mar, CA 92625


Sunday 3/18/2018

2008 (BU11): 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
2007 (BU12): 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
2006 (BU13): 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
2010 (GU9): 12:30 am - 1:30 pm
2009 (GU10) & 2008 (GU11): 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
2007 (GU12): 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
2006 (GU13): 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Wednesday 3/21/2018
2005 (BU14):  4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
2003 & 2004 (BU16) : 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
2010 (BU9) & 2009 (BU10): 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
2005 (GU14):  6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
2003 & 2004 (GU16) : 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


 What is AYSO EXTRA™?

AYSO's National Board of Directors has authorized the development of the EXTRA program and its use on a pilot basis to provide options for players to play soccer at a more challenging level. EXTRA is designed to address declining enrollment and player retention without compromising the philosophies and commitment to enriching children's lives that make AYSO unique among all youth sports organizations. Set forth below are the guidelines and suggested best practices for the optional operation of EXTRA as part of the AYSO FLEX™ initiative.

AYSO EXTRA  is designed for players who have the interest, skills and abilities and want to enhance their experience and individual growth through soccer while retaining the spirit of and organization membership in AYSO. EXTRA is not designed to overshadow or harm the standard primary program – rather the goal is to strengthen AYSO by recruiting and retaining players and volunteers through providing more competitive play the AYSO way – all EXTRA programs embrace the Six Philosophies of AYSO.

CDM plays the EXTRA Side-by-Side program this means that players that are chosen for the age/gender division team for the Fall Extra season will not be permitted to play in the Fall Recreation season.  Those kids chosen for a Fall Extra Team will not be able to practice, play in tournaments or be on the roster of a “Club” team. No exceptions.

AYSO's Strategic Plan

AYSO’s strategic plan, which supports creation of optional "extended play" opportunities for Regions and Areas that have a need, makes it clear that although the operation and structure of extended play programs will be determined by the local program organizers, they must incorporate these basic parameters:

•Everyone on a team plays. Every player plays at least 50% of each game.

•Selection to the teams must be based on open and impartial evaluations.

•Administration and coordination of the program must run through the appropriate AYSO Region, Area or Section.

•The program must meet appropriate standards for coach and referee training and certification as established by AYSO.

•The extended play program may only be offered in conjunction with a standard primary program.

•No paid coaches, referees or administrators are permitted.


EXTRA is designed to provide a more challenging level of play for those players who possess the appropriate interest, skills and abilities and to enhance each player's experience and individual growth through the game of soccer while retaining the spirit and organization of AYSO. The goal of EXTRA is to strengthen AYSO by retaining players and volunteers in additional primary programs operated under the AYSO philosophies. EXTRA is not designed to overshadow or harm the standard primary program.

Player Selection Procedures

EXTRA programs shall use player selection procedures that are designed to be impartial, fair and are considerate of the players and their families. Multiple evaluation opportunities are strongly recommended. Using impartial, qualified evaluators, for team selection is required. Team coaches may act in an advisory capacity, but evaluators need to be totally impartial.

Player selection opportunities must be widely advertised to all potential players and must be spelled out in the Regional and Area operating guidelines.

Proposed player selection procedures, based on the best practices as determined by the National Coach Advisory Commission, will be developed and provided to EXTRA administrators and coordinators to assist in this process.

Any child whose playing age is between U-9 and U-16 is eligible for selection opportunities to an EXTRA team.

All players must be newly selected each membership year. Teams will be reformed and balanced each membership year. It is possible that not all players who apply will be selected to a team.

All players who participate in the player selection process will be notified promptly after the final selection date whether he or she was selected to a team. Notification must first be given to those players who were not selected with the assurance they will be placed on a standard primary program team in the normal Regional process.

Once Chosen for a Team

The Extra teams play in a regular season that runs from August through December and a Spring season which runs from February through May.  This is a lot of soccer.

The teams travel from Long Beach to San Clemente and can have 4 or 5 tournaments a year with play on both Saturday and Sunday.  Teams, with parent approval, can travel all over California and adjoining states.  The rest of the tourneys will be local.  The cost for the fall season will be somewhere around $500 dollars with another $100 going for tourney fees.  In spring, the fee is around $200 dollars not including tourney fees or possible travel.  This is a very competitive league that is geared to develop players for high school.  Due to the fact that we do not pay our coaches, this is a low cost alternative to club.


Good Luck in Soccer,

Mark Valentine

EXTRA Coordinator

AYSO Region 57

Answers to most of your questions about EXTRA


The CDM extra soccer program that runs under the AYSO banner had its finest year in decades.  We had 11 teams that competed in age groups ranging from U-10 to U-16 and we had outstanding performances in all of the boys age divisions and many of the girls.


Extra was introduced to AYSO so that the advanced players could have an environment where they could receive advanced coaching and continue to build their game with hopes of playing in high school and beyond.  The 140+ players that played in this program this year showed that the mantra of Hustle, Focus, Dominate could be used into their games as well as their school lives.


Extra has highly experienced coaches at all levels that have gone through the required AYSO training.  These coaches usually run two practices a week and their season runs from August through mid-December and then again from mid-February through May.


Every age group has its’ own division (U-9 plays against U-9 and U-10 plays against U-10 and so on) and CDM Region 57 has only one team per age division.  These teams play in about a 20 team league with each city putting up its’ own best players.  The teams may travel from Long Beach to San Clemente.  Most games are on Saturdays with tournament play taking up the weekend. Once the children have developed, their teams may take part in some CLUB tournaments in the Bronze and Silver Divisions. 


AYSO Extra Try-outs this year are being evaluated by selected members of AYSO57 including Board Members, Coaches and referees. They will be looking to evaluate the children based on their ability to play soccer and their passion for the sport. The tryouts times vary and you should consult the www.ayso57.org front page for more information.  The schedule of try-outs and qualifying ages (still difficult to compute) will be on the sign up pages.


Extra pricing is about $800 dollars for the full year that includes the Fall Season, Spring Season and additional tournament fees.  The breakdown of costs is something similar to $500 for Fall, $200 for Spring and $100 for additional tournaments along the way.  For those coming from Club this is a refreshing reminder of what your money can buy.  All of the coaches are volunteers and have the required coaching certifications so all you pay for is your child to play soccer. The children who are chosen for the squad will be guaranteed to play in at least half of the game as is the mission of AYSO to make sure that kids get their fair share of play and fun.